Sword of Mana Review


Advantages over Other Mana Games?


  • Fast paced

  • Puzzles

  • Swap characters during the game

  • Have to enhance weapons or amour in a sort of management style

  • Can change class or fight style.

  • Go up levels fast


The music style is sort of mix between opera or retro SNES music style for the game overall.

The gameplay is very much based on what actions you perform such as speaking to different game characters can allow the game to keep going on if you don’t speak to enough people that can stop the game from moving forward so make sure you speak to every person in a town when possible so you are not forced to back to the same area to complete the part you missed before. https://www.game24hours.com/


I would say the best class to pick for the boy is Ninja the reason for why it boosts his attack while raising mana plus it can allow him to perform critical attacks which can be useful as well only thing you may dislike about him is his attack is sometimes bit weak against some enemies.


The main advantages as well include he has no real disadvantages since he boosts his magic or his mp or attack or ability plus attack or defense each time meaning he has no real disadvantages for fighting overall when he reaches level 5 his ability and critical attack which can give you a big boost to fighting early on overall.


First monster if you pick the boy is one called Jackal which is like bear style monster as shown here.


When you start the game try and work on getting up as high as possible to like level 10 if you want the game to become easy and fast and try and focus when possible on just one class such as with Ninja all the stats will go up the important ones fairly efficient as such you can be ready for all the bosses with no problems from magic or physical viewpoints which is a good thing to take note of if you want the game to stay enjoyable.


Puzzles can include the maze like style of the game since most parts of the games in each area look very similar it can become confusing to tell one part from another some of the time such as you need to try and pay attention a lot in some parts of the game or you risk just going around in a circle for a lot of the time which can get a little bit annoying sometimes.


You get Zelda themed puzzle which can be fun such as Jadd Dessert you push the button which allow you to move further in the desert area which can be quite a lot of fun and the graphic in the area to me look incredible on a 16 bit System which does show you the Gameboy Advance did make many amazing games which is why it’s still popular the games on it even for modern-day gamers .



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