Top 6 Principles Of Creating The Best Web Design

Visual properties do play a big role in marking a website as ‘great’. But the majority of a website’s success goes to its usability and utility of it. The most important thing a website designer needs to consider is the end-user because they are the ones who are going to visit it and use it. For this reason, the best web design in Ireland must be user-centric so that there are no obstacles in front of the website visitor. Instead of focusing on design implementation, let’s focus on the main principles, heuristics, and approaches for constructive web design. This will not only help create the most-user-friendly website but also simplify the procedure of perceiving presented data. Hence, let’s jump to the points that explain in detail the principles of making the best web design in Ireland:

  1. Don’t make users think too much

As a web designer, you must know that most people don’t like to think very hard about trivial matters. Hence, your finished product should be free of question marks. The site architecture and navigation should be intuitive enough so that users don’t hurdle here and there and spend their vital time before reaching the destination. Use moderate, smart visual clues and recognizable links to guide the visitors toward their aim. By taking off the cognitive load, you’re allowing the user to grasp the idea behind the creation more effectively.

  1. You must grab the user’s attention

Some parts of the UI are more noticeable than others. To put this in perspective, people will notice the images on the screen before they take the time to read the text. Also, bold and rich-styled texts catch more attention than ordinary fonts. Seasoned website viewers can potentially recognize edges, patterns, and motions. Hence, most people find video advertisements annoying, but they very effectively capture users’ attention. The moderate use of visual elements plays a great role in reducing the excess information that needs to be comprehended.

  1. Your goal is feature exposure

There’s a tried and tested way to expose a website’s feature. An effective approach is to use the easy 1-2-3-done-steps, large buttons, and interesting but simple visual effects. It’s a brand’s primary job to let users view clearly what functions are available. It doesn’t matter how you exhibit the site’s principle features to the audience. The important part is how well and accurately the content is conveyed to the viewers and at the same time they feel comfortable with the way they interact with the system.

  1. Think about the fonts

You must choose your fonts very wisely. Reading on the Web is different than going through a book or a newspaper. Hence it’s necessary to adjust the fonts according to the user’s browsing habits. Long texts without images and keywords marked in bold or italics will most likely be unnoticed.

  1. Talk business

Don’t use cute and clever names, marketing-induces terms, and unfamiliar and tough technical to prevent your potential customers from fleeing. If you want the visitors to create an account, “sign up” is more diplomatic than “start now” or “jump in”. Here are 3 guidelines for effective writing:

  • Disclose the brand’s motives and goals and use short phrases.
  • The best web design in Ireland will have a ‘break’ in the flow of uniform text blocks. Categorize the content and use multiple heading levels and bulleted lists to apply the ‘breaks’.
  • Use plain and objective language. Give the viewers some strong and valid reasons to use your service.
  1. Don’t be afraid of the white space

Some might hesitate to leave blanks on their web pages. But white spaces significantly reduce the cognitive load of the visitors which makes them quite important. Subconsciously, when a new visitor lands on your website, they will scan the page and divide the whole page into digestible pieces of information. This is why complex structures negatively impact user navigation. Wherever there’s a chance to separate two design segments by an actual graphic line, you can simply put white space in between.

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