Instagram Ads

Most Common Facebook and Instagram Ads Errors to Avoid

Facebook remains the most popular social network. Advertising on Facebook or Instagram Ads is a must-have tool for businesses who want to be known on social media and grow their business.

Instagram Ads

Why advertise on Facebook or Instagram Ads?

  • Facebook is still the most popular social network with the highest number of active users.
  • Economic price.
  • Possibility to segment the public.
  • Remarketing campaigns can be easily carried out.
  • The reports that the tool provides allow us to draw conclusions and make changes.

Many people make the same mistakes when creating Facebook ads and Instagram campaigns. Also, you can avoid these errors by getting some help from Digital Specialist.

Uncertain of the end goal.

You won’t achieve much if you don’t know what you want from the campaign. This is different from wanting to drive traffic, brand your site, or get leads. Before you do anything, it is important to be clear. You must have clear objectives and a strategy.

Setting a budget is not a good idea.

Budgeting is essential for any marketing activity. Facebook sets minimum budgets for campaigns based on time and objectives. These budgets can be adjusted to optimize campaigns that are run over multiple campaigns.

The Facebook Pixel is not installed

Before you do anything, this is the first thing that you need to set up. The Facebook pixel will allow us to obtain valuable data that we can use in our campaigns and build effective audiences.

Poor-quality images are best

Social networks allow users to see many photos and videos. Your ad won’t be noticed if it doesn’t grab attention with an appealing image. It will also be the first impression a client has of your brand. You must ensure that the ads are high quality and related to your products or services.

The video should not be used

Videos posts receive the most engagement out of all content on Facebook. It is important to include video ads. It is possible that users may not be able to hear the sound, so subtitle them.

Ad copy that isn’t attractive

The ad headline text is just as important as the image or video. It will make your campaign a success. This requires you to know your buyer persona and their preferences, concerns, and tastes. Your user should know what you have to offer, what will benefit him, and what he should do.

Don’t do A/B testing

To test different images, text, audiences, and other aspects of your campaigns, you must test them. You will only be able to tweak your campaigns over time and eliminate what is not working with your audience.

Wrong segmentation

Segmentation is an essential part of running a Facebook or Instagram campaign. Segmentation can be done by interests. This requires that you know the buyer persona well.

Also, you can use lookalikes and custom audiences. The latter is my favorite audience. However, to create them, you’ll need to have the Facebook Pixel running.

It is difficult to keep track of campaigns and analyze the data after them.

Monitor your campaign once it’s running to determine if it’s working properly, and if there are any adjustments or if you need to stop it.

You should be familiar with the following metrics: CTR, clicks, and impressions. To see how your campaign is doing.

Create a single ad per ad set

Another common error is this. You must be organized and have the time to plan your Facebook or Instagram advertising campaigns. You must use different text, images, and a variety of ad formats to achieve this. You can optimize your campaigns this way and see what resonates with your audience.


These errors are easy to fix, as you can see. It is easy to learn about the tool, understand what it does, have a clear vision of your goals, prepare great ads and analyze the data.

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