Use Free PDF Tools to Manage Your PDF Documents


You can use the PDF Tools to control the content and size of the document. You can also set permissions for printing the document or replace it with a password. Why not make your documents more reliable by adding information to identify the owner. Manage your PDF document without worrying about changing the actual content.

To split, to tear

You can choose to split a single PDF document into multiple documents. You can then rearrange your pages to improve readability or target different audiences. Sometimes a large document cannot be sent by email due to size restrictions. It may be too large to store on a portable storage device. Splitting a PDF document into multiple documents reduces its size. This makes it easy to send any pages you want as attachments in an email. You can also store different pages on different storage devices. You can also delete pages you no longer want.


You can combine multiple documents into one PDF file. Select the documents for which you want to provide the best content for the PDF file. Then organize the information by choosing a page order. Then combine the different documents into one document. A single PDF document is easier to read and track than multiple documents.

Encrypt or decrypt

You can ensure that only authorized people can open your PDF document by adding a password. You can also choose an encryption level such as 40-bit or 128-bit. Additionally, you can set permissions for your document. You can prevent or allow various actions such as printing, copying, merging or converting a PDF file. If you change your mind about using a password, simply remove the password from your document.


Use watermarks to identify yourself or your company as the owner of documents. Add a watermark as text to the document background. You can also use images as logos instead of text. Additionally, you can add a stamp to a PDF file in the same way you would add a rubber stamp to a printed document. The image or text may contain terms such as approved, confidential, modified, or draft.


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